World leaders in safety and innovation

The world first DC
Non-Contact Voltage Tester you can trust

Voltage Detection from a distance saves lives and now Gl McGavin introduces their latest breakthrough… the world’s first true non-contact DC tester, the Modiewark Fire and Rescue DC50.

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Explore our voltage testers

The Modiewark voltage testers have been market leaders since 1972. They are the safest choice you could make, in any situation where you are testing low voltage or high voltage. Select a product range below to find out more.

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Fire and Rescue
Non-contact Testers

The Modiewark Fire and Rescue DC50 and AC30 genuinely allows personnel to test for AC or DC electrical fields. In an emergency, they deliver safety, swiftness and certainty.

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Industrial, Utilities and Rail Non-contact Testers

Specifically engineered for industrial Direct Current detection in industrial environments, the non-touch DC80 is a global breakthrough.

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Mini Voltage Testers

Universal pocket-sized voltage detector for determining live or dead voltage sources.


Modielive EMF Generator

Test the Modiewark is working correctly

ModieLoad Static Capacitive Load

For installation testing and neutral integrity testing

Why you should choose Modiewark Testers

It’s the name you can trust. In the 60s, Modiewark spearheaded a whole new level of safety with the invention of the world’s first non-contact voltage tester for linesmen and electricians.

Modiewark today is a global leader, advancing the safety of all personnel working around electricity with non-contact innovation. Being truly non-contact and easy to use, our AC and DC voltage detectors can safely be used without the need for electrical qualifications.

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Trusted since 1972

We invented the world's first non-contact voltage detector to bridge a massive safety gap. For over 50 years, Modiewark has been saving lives with sturdy, reliable and technically advanced products you can depend on.

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First responders' safety

When time is critical, Modiewark gives first responders the confidence to go in and save lives faster, with the knowledge that there is no live power about. Modiewark helps keeps them safe.

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World's first non-contact DC detector

Essential for incidents involving e-vehicles, solar panels, trams, trains and for industries like energy and mining. Launching the DC50 and Multi-level DC80 has revolutionized safety in direct current environments from fifty to over a million volts.

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Setting world standards

When the US developed industry standards for non-contact voltage detectors in 2017, they referenced Modiewark. It is the benchmark when it comes to non-contact voltage detection and is proudly Australian made.

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Have a tester on the truck

It's the key to your safety. Compact Modiewark non-contact testers will detect live AC or DC voltage outside from the inside of your vehicle.

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No qualifications required

Non-electrical personnel can be easily trained to operate Modiewark safely and expertly.

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Still not sure?

Why not ask one of our friendly staff for a free demonstration over a Teams meeting, or come to us in Newcastle, Australia. Click here to contact or visit us.

Q. Do non-touch DC testers even work?

The Fire Rescue DC50 and the multi-setting DC80 are the only true non-contact testers of Direct Current on the market today. Only rely on Modiewark.

Q. What about solar electricity?

Wherever batteries are involved, DC electricity is a threat. When a house with solar panels is on fire, both AC and DC testing is essential. Modiewark non-contact voltage detectors significantly reduce the risk of electrocution. Other scenarios include battery powered vehicles, trains, trams, planes, underground mining and power generation and storage.

Q. What is the range of voltage detected?

There is a Modiewark available for detecting AC/DC voltage from below 50 to over 1,000,000 volts.

Q. How can I be sure Modiewark works?

Modiewark invented the non-touch voltage tester over 40 years ago and is used to ensure the safety of personnel by large organisations around the world. We are continually improving and expanding our range of electronic voltage detectors.

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