About GL McGavin and Our Range of Voltage Testers

GL McGavin Modiewark range of testers will always assist the electrical industry in all electrical hazard safety applications.

GL McGavin Pty. Ltd. Is a company that was formed in Sydney Australia in 1968, out of a need to protect electrical workers from being injured. With its state of the art product the first of many models of the Modiewark non-contact voltage detector were designed. The Australian power industry gratefully accepted this tester as a life saving device, implementing a national roll out in the early 1970’s.

From this point the Modiewark adapted it’s self to the needs of the industry, improving itself by providing self testing capabilities, voltage selectors to suit each application and accessories to perform substation spout testing and phase compatibility testing.

In 2004 the Morris family Darrell & Norma Morris (owner directors) and their sons Ashley & Linsey Morris (directors) of the Morris Group, took ownership of the company and by consolidating its operation in Newcastle New South Wales, Australia, developed long overdue improvements in its manufacturing techniques. Providing in house quality control on all construction processes, making the product a safer and more reliable test instrument. With the aid of their experience staff the product improved to include phase identification, spout testing application and water resistance devices.

In 2007 a team association with a local engineer and developed a new product line of Modiewarks, The Modiewark Mini Testers providing a miniature and user friendly product allowing us to keep pace with the changing industry. Rescue departments in New South Wales Australia, took up the new rescue tester, providing their staff with a safe approach procedure. The Mini SWER and Pole tester taken in hand by Country Energy for the testing of SWER(single wire earth return) and the application of pole leakage detection which costs the industry many thousands of dollars per year. The MR tester (Meter Reader) was developed to ensure the safety of the meter readers who frequently come across live domestic power boxes.

To ensure quality control with this safety device Pritchard Electronics became an acquisition of the Morris group providing improved technologies and in house quality control.

With new technology on the way the goal of GL McGavin and its staff is to keep pace with the current industry standards and provide a better solution for electrical safety in the future. As one of the oldest and most reliable tester on the market today the GL McGavin Modiewark range of testers will always assist the electrical industry in all electrical hazard safety applications.