Water Pipe Tester



The Water Pipe Tester is to be used in conjunction with replacing a water meter.

When removing a water meter, if there is an electrical earth fault within 5 houses either direction you could be electrocuted.

Water Pipe Tester

The Modiewark GLM Mini Water Pipe Tester is a universal pocket size proximity non-contact current detector, operating in the AC current range. The unit is preset to detect 2.1 amps and over.

The GLM Mini Water Pipe Tester has been designed for testing mains and secondary water pipes, in commercial and residential areas to detect a fault current over a preset current of 2.1 amps. The unit is designed for qualified and trained personnel in the electrical and plumbing fields.


1. Switch the unit to the “ON” position a GREEN LED power light will immediately illuminate, indicating a good battery connection and circuitry connectivity

2. Confirm the Low Battery LED is still GREEN and continue to step

3. If ORANGE LED illuminates, replace battery and repeat steps 1-2.

4. Press the Self Test Button to check the unit is operating correctly. A repeating tone will be heard, indicating a correct operation. A two second delay will occur between the self test operation and the normal unit detection operation.

5. Always hold the GLM Mini with your thumb placed on the indicated position with your arm outstretched. This allows maximum detection distance. The closer the unit is to the trunk of the body the lower the detection distance.

6. When approaching a water pipe or fitting always use care when unsure of electrical potential. Approach the water fitting at right angles to the pipe as shown in the figure below.

7. If a current over 2.1 amps is detected a tone will be heard and a red LED will flash.

8. DO NOT PANIC and commence isolation procedures to protect others from the fault. Contact your supervisor or electrical contractor for assistance.

Correct Method of Use


Incorrect Method of Use

This unit is not a voltage detector and will not detect voltage sources with a current usage of under two amps. This product must be used by trained personnel.

GL McGavin Pty Ltd cannot authorise the method of use. Power Distribution Authorities have trained personnel who can advise on operation and use.


The GLM MIni SWER & Pole Tester features a full function internal self testing unit, low battery indicator detection and unit activation indication, providing a safe and reliable instrument.

Battery Placement

The battery compartment is located on the rear of the GLM MINI and requires a 9 volt pp3 battery. There is an option of a rechargeable battery for some models.

Ensure the battery is fitted the correct way placing the positive terminal as indicated.


Power Indicators

Power On Indicator (Green)

Low Battery Indicator  (Orange)

When the unit is turned on a GREEN LED is illuminated. This indicates good battery condition and circuitry connectivity. As the battery decreases below this point the unit will switch the tester to a continuous Orange LED, at this point change the Pp3 battery.

Push to Test Button

The Self Test button located on the front face of the GLM Mini is a full function test of all the components of the unit.


  • Audio indicator
  • Visual indicator
  • Battery condition
  • Transistor circuit verification

This feature should be initiated every time the unit is turned on and at regular intervals during the working day. In the event the Tester fails please refer to (Service and Trouble Shooting).

Parts Identification


Water Pipe Tester Specifications

Voltage sensing range Minimum 2.1 Amps 2 Volts (preset)
Light source High Intensity LED
Sound source Electromagnetic piezo
85 dB @ 10cm (3.937″)
Operating temperature -10 to 65C (14 to 149F)
IP rating IP 40
Weight (no batteries) 120g (4.2 oz)
Dimensions Length: 125.47mm (4.94″)
Width: 65.85mm (2.75″)
Height: 23.98 (0.944″)
Battery 9 volt PP3 Alkaline
Rechargeable battery 9 volt PP3 NIMH 200mA (use only NIMH)
Battery life (200mA NIMH battery) ON (no alarm) 30+ Hours
ON (alarm on) 10+ Hours
Battery life (500mA Alkaline) ON (no alarm) 40+ Hours
ON (alarm on) 15+Hours