HVT Discharge Stick



The discharge stick is a touch device, designed for just that, discharging electrical conductors that where once energized.

Connect the earthing clamp to ground and touch the now un-energized conductor to discharge.

The discharge stick is to be used by trained personnel.

The HVT Discharge Stick is available in two lengths 1000mm (standard)  and 1800mm Long.

The Discharge stick is designed and manufactured in Newcastle Australia. The discharge Sticks black Shaft is manufactured from  non-conductive plastic polyethene 300.

This stick can be sold with an Electrical Service Test Report

An Electrical Test Certificate is a test that is is carried out on the electrical stick if it is used above 600 volts.

A certificate for the use on 11kv for 1000mm long

A certificate for the use on 132kv for 1800mm long.