Industrial DC80-Modielive Kit




  • Industrial DC80 non-contact tester
  • Modielive EMF Generator
  • Batteries and charger
  • Padded hard metal carry case
  • Air pump

Industrial DC80 Non-contact DC Voltage Tester

Specifically designed for direct current detection in industrial environments, the non-contact DC80 is a global breakthrough.
It is the world’s first genuine DC non-touch voltage tester. Safe, fast and reliable.

Simply point the tester at a potentially live DC source to determine if there is voltage present. The sound it makes will alert you to danger without any need for physical contact. It has 8 adjustable sensitivity settings, meaning the operator can adjust it to voltages from 50 volts to over 1,000,000 volts. The Modiewark is the safest choice, in any environmental disaster or accident. Modiewark is the only product in the world to offer a truly non-touch DC tester you can rely on.
The DC80 is a must have when working with DC power on:

  • Trains and trams
  • Sub-stations
  • Wind-turbines
  • Solar generation equipment
  • Mining equipment

Modiewark AC Non-contact AC Voltage Tester​

Designed for all industries that use AC electricity, the Modiewark AC comes in an array of voltage settings for any environment… from 50 to over a million volts
The Modiewark has been used by industry professionals since the early 70’s for live or dead voltage determination of overhead power lines and underground power at URD test points.

The Modiewark AC has two main functions, firstly as a proximity device to determine live or dead situations and then as a touch device to verify the tester has physically reached the AC field around designated mains under test.

The unique nature of the sensor plate within the unit allows for directional checks such as checking low voltage when high voltage is nearby. Induced voltages on isolated conductors are checked by increasing the Modiewark’s sensitivity.

The Modiewark AC is a must have when:

  • Identifying live conductors
  • Fault finding in flexible cables
  • Checking equipment grounding
  • Neon lighting servicing
  • Tracking live wires
  • Phasing conductors
  • High frequency radiation detection

DC80 Specifications

Size225mm Long
Charge Time2 x batteries  7 Hours
Voltage sensing range 50 to ∞ VDC
Light source

8 high intensity Leds

Sound source

90 db piezo buzzer

Operating temperature

-20 to 65 C deg

Water Resistance

IEC IP6X (Safe when exposed to heavy rain).                                                                         


750 g

Power System

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 1-day life in rigorous activity.

Battery Life

7 hours

Cap Material

ESD POM (Acetyl) Black



Handle Material

Glass filled polypropylene

These values are estimates within 90% for prototype specs.