Fire And Rescue AC30 Stick And Bag Kit



Designed for emergency rescue, linesmen, tree surgeons, electricians and trained personnel for the determination of “Live and Dead” situations in many fields for safety purposes and life threatening situations.

  • Fire and Rescue AC30 Non-contact AC Tester
  • 3 pocket PVC
  • Telescoping stick to 4 meters
  • Cable puller(optional)
  • Gloves
  • Tape(optional)
  • Side cutters(optional)

AC30 Non-contact AC Voltage Tester

G.L McGavin have been manufacturing High and Low voltage testers since 1975. The new G.L McGavin Digital hand held Proximity Tester AC30 is designed for Electricians, Technicians and the Fire & Rescue departments. For electricians it can be used for picking up live wires behind walls, identifying live cables and tracing live cable runs. For the Fire and Rescue it is used for the safety of the rescue personnel in situations where live voltage can be present impeding rescue operations. Because it is a Digital device it can be programmed to suit any application.

AC30 operation

When the unit is activated using the ON switch the unit will self test automatically ensuring the unit is in working order. The Self Test button is located on the front face of the tester. This is a full function test of all components of the unit testing:

  • Audio indicator
  • Visual indicator
  • Transistor circuit verification

The self test button is recommended to be used at regular intervals during the working day. In the event the tester fails please refer to (Service and trouble shooting).

The Self Test feature is designed as an independent circuit, apart from the detection circuit. This Self Test circuit produces an AC signal that the detection circuit can pick up, as it would pick up an outside signal source. This allows confidence that the AC30 Non-contact AC Voltage Tester is working correctly.

AC30 Specifications

Voltage sensing range20 volts AC to 500 K volts AC
Light sourceHigh intensity LED
Sound SourcePiezo 4000KHz 90 dB @ 10cm (3.937’)
Operating temperature-20 to 65˚C (14 to 149°F)
IP ratingIP 66 (Testing not Completed)
Weight (no Batteries)140g (4.93 oz)
DimensionsL 40 mm (5.51’) x W 73 mm (2.87’) x H 23 mm (0.9’)
Battery4* AAA Alkaline / Lithium
Battery life (AAA Alkaline)ON (no alarm) 30+ Hours
ON (alarm on) 8+ Hours
OFF 3 Months
Battery life (AAA Lithium)ON (no alarm) 40+ Hours
ON (alarm on) 10+ Hours
OFF 3 Months
Shock ProofRubber mount around case
Self testIndependent Built in
Belt clip (option)Attached to rear of case (Customer Request)
Range detectionLED Indication Weak Signal to Strong signal.
Voltage rangeTwo Settings Less sensitive and More sensitive.
Large buttons15mmØ for Glove operations
Secure battery housing(fours crews) Tool Access
Custom coloursOn Customer Request
Custom decalsOn Customer Request

These values are estimates within 90% for prototype specs.