FR30 Rescue Tester

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FR30 Mini Rescue Tester



The Mini Rescue Emergency Services Voltage Tester is a universal pocket size proximity tester operating in the AC voltage range 20 volts and up given the correct setting.

The Mini Rescue has been designed for emergency rescue, linesmen, tree surgeons, electricians and other trained personnel for the determination of “Live and Dead” situations for safety purposes and life threatening situations.

This unit can be operated in the hand, pocket, pouch and body mounted. A Special universal or sunrise fitting can be added to attach to a hot stick.

If you would like more information on the use of this product, information on bulk orders or shipping costs . Please contact us.


1 * FR30  Rescue Tester

1* Yellow Nylon carry case

4* 1.5 Volt AAA Batteries

1 * 3 Fold Manual

Please Note: All shipping outside of Australia will not include a Battery

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 6 cm
Voltage sensing range

50V AC to 500kV AC (Given correct settings)

Light source

High intensity LED

Sound source

Piezo 4000KHz 90 dB @ 10cm (3.937’)

Operating temperature

-20 to 65˚C (14 to 149°F)

Weight (no batteries)

140g (4.93 oz)


L= 140 mm (5.51’)
W= 73 mm (2.87’)
H= 23 mm (0.9')


4 x 1.5 Volt AAA Batteries

Battery life (500mA Alkaline

Battery life: (AAA Alkaline)

ON (no alarm) 30+ Hours
ON (alarm on) 8+ Hours
OFF 3 Months
FR30 Back CoverBattery life: (AAA Lithium)

ON (no alarm) 40+ Hours
ON (alarm on) 10+ Hours
OFF 3 Months

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