Water Pipe Tester Operation

  1. Switch the unit to the “ON” position a GREEN LED power light will immediately illuminate, indicating a good battery connection and circuitry connectivity
  2. Confirm the Low Battery LED is still GREEN and continue to step 4. If ORANGE LED illuminates, replace battery and repeat steps 1-2.
  3. Press the Self Test Button to check the unit is operating correctly. A repeating tone will be heard, indicating a correct operation. A two second delay will occur between the self test operation and the normal unit detection operation.
  4. Always hold the GLM Mini with your thumb placed on the indicated position with your arm outstretched. This allows maximum detection distance. The closer the unit is to the trunk of the body the lower the detection distance.
  5. When approaching a water pipe or fitting always use care when unsure of electrical potential. Approach the water fitting at right angles to the pipe as shown in the figure below.
  6. If a current over 2.1 amps is detected a tone will be heard and a red LED will flash.

  7. DO NOT PANIC and commence isolation procedures to protect others from the fault. Contact your supervisor or electrical contractor for assistance.

Correct Method of Use

Water Pipe Tester Correct Usage

Incorrect Method of Use


This unit is not a voltage detector and will not detect voltage sources with a current usage of under two amps. This product must be used by trained personnel.

GL McGavin Pty Ltd cannot authorise the method of use. Power Distribution Authorities have trained personnel who can advise on operation and use.