Water Pipe Tester Features

The GLM WPT Water Pipe Tester features a full function internal self testing unit, low battery indicator detection and unit activation indication, providing a safe and reliable instrument.

Battery Replacement

WPT Battery ReplacementThe battery compartment is located on the rear of the GLM MINI and requires a 9 volt pp3 battery. There is an option of a rechargeable battery for some models.

Ensure the battery is fitted the correct way placing the positive terminal as indicated.

Power Indicators

When the unit is turned on a GREEN LED is illuminated. This indicates good battery condition and circuitry connectivity. When the battery power decreases below a point were the power is to low to sufficiently power the unit, the battery indicator LED will change to a continuous orange, at this point change the Pp3 battery.

Push to Test button

The Self Test button located on the front face of the GLM Mini is a full function test of all the components of the unit.


This feature should be initiated every time the unit is turned on and at regular intervals during the working day. In the event the Tester fails please refer to (Service and Trouble Shooting).

Parts Identification

Water Pipe Tester Parts Identification