Spout Tester Operation

If using an insulation stick, place the unit onto the stick using the sunrise (universal) fitting or the bayonet adaptor fitting.

If using handheld, hold the Modiewark unit by the handle below the sunrise fitting.

Sunrise (universal) fitting
Modiewark bayonet adaptor fitting
modiewark stick switch yard

  1. Turn the unit on to the 240 volt switch setting the first switch setting. This will allow for the most sensitive voltage detection.
  2. Screw the spout into the spout head by placing the pin in the socket and turn in a clockwise direction. As the spout is being screwed in the unit self test function will activate indicating that the spout is being screwed in and is working properly.
    Note: The spout tester will not activate if the spout is disconnected preventing the unit being used without a sensor plate.
    Attaching the Spout to the Tester
  3. Hold the unit in the left of right hand by the handle below the sunrise fitting or for higher voltages an insulation stick or hot stick is recommended.
  4. Listen and watch for the self testing function which will start automatically. If this does not occur there may be a few possibilities to consider before taking out of service:-
    • Remove the handle and check that the batteries are placed in the correct way and the battery strap is in place, shake handle and re-screw into place.
    • If the self test is still unresponsive the unit may be faulty take out of service and return for repair.
    • If the pulses are 2 to 3 seconds apart or greater this indicates a low battery status and batteries will need to be replaced.
    • The spout is not screwed in correctly undo spout and clean pin and check if pin is in good order re-screw in spout.
  5. To verify the tester using outside influences:-
    • Place the tester against live power outlet or equivalent above 110 volts AC.
    • Rub the instrument head as marked on cloth or clothing to obtain static charge.
    • Set switch at 35kV Overhead setting and place head of unit as marked against the spark plug of a running truck or car engine.
    • Use the Modielive tester to test the activation of the unit on the 240 volt setting.
  6. Point the end of the spout detector towards the area under test.
    Spout Detector Operation
  7. If no tone is heard at this point on the 240 volt setting move the tester closer to the conductor under test, until the head of the tester is almost touching the conductor at this point the voltage is below 50 volts ac.
  8. If the tester activates meters away from the known source, this may not prove the signal being picked up is from that source. Use the voltage range switch to determine the voltage required for the voltage test, by moving the switch settings higher as you approach the power source under test. The unit is designed to activate 200 to 300mm away from the voltage source hand held.