Spout Tester Features

Case Configurations

The Modiewark casing and handle are designed to channel a flashover around the internal circuit and into the battery housing. Please note any damage to the head of the Modiewark will result in failure the unit must be taken out of service and repaired.

The Modiewark tester can now be fitted with moisture and dust proof fittings for harsh environments and provides an IP63 rating.


The standard Modiewark is supplied with a sunrise (universal) fitting to allow the attachment of an insulation extension stick (hot stick) for all high voltage applications. A standard or plain handle can be requested without this fitting.

Sunrise (Universal) Handle
Sunrise (Universal) Handle
Standard handle
Standard handle

Self Testing Functions

The Modiewark is available with and without a self test function. This continuous self checking of the Modiewark non-contact voltage tester provides an essential safety feature that:

Please note that all Australian models must be sold with the self test function.

Battery Replacement

Modiewark Handle and BatteriesThe Modiewark uses 3 C size Alkaline, Lithium or rechargeable batteries.

The batteries are placed in the handle with the positive side to the top. A battery strap is placed into the handle coil end first. When the batteries are placed in the handle shake to allow the battery strap to fall into the correct position.

Screw the handle with batteries inside to the head unit, with a firm twist in a clock-wise direction.


Part Identification

Spout Tester Parts Identification


A Modiewark can be fitted with wings or depth limiters, these limiters allow the unit from entering restricted compartments and allow constant depth readings over many tests over time. For more information click here.