Spout Tester Designs Special orders

There are standard models available in spout testers SP-50, SP-150, SP-200, SP-250, SP-300.  All available with or without depth limiters. The spout tester length can be configured for any purpose that is required; information on this can be obtained from our sales staff.

Standard Modiewark Spout
Standard Modiewark Spout Available in 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm

The Spout heads can be configured to any length up to 400 mm and as short as 50 mm. The diameters of the head of the spout can vary to fit the application. Minimum diameter 20mm, Maximum test voltage off 11kV or  46 mm diameter maximum test voltage of 33kV.

20mm diameter Maximum test voltage 11kV
Maximum test voltage 11kv
Spout Tester Shield
Clear perspex 300mm diameter



A high Voltage Spout is available. This Spout is 400mm Long and 45 mm dia the tested breakdown voltage is 100,000 volts.

High Voltage Spout 400mm Long
400mm white spout with bag


Each Spout Tester has certification for the first 12 months. Re-testing is available on return of the tester and spout.