Rescue Electrical Kit

The Rescue Electrical Kit is everything you need for identifying electricity. Includes both Non-Contact testers for AC and DC power. To save time in an electrical emergency situation both the AC and DC tester come already attached to an electrical stick. the kit also includes safety gloves, cable hook, spare batteries and chargers for the tester, The Rescue electrical kit also comes in a metal hard case.



First Responder -Identify live AC & DC electricity?

The Modiewark AC and DC rescue kit has two testers included. Whenever an emergency involves electricity the duel kit is available for identifying both AC and DC power.

Electrical supply companies within Australia and the United States have been using the original non-contact & contact voltage detector Modiewark for over 30 years in day to day operations, in overhead and underground live or dead determinations. Over that period of time accidents have been reduced as electrical supply staff find that double checking the power has been deactivated a quick and easy task.

The unique properties of the non-contact & contact voltage detector is that no contact needs to be made to the active source.

The following range of GL McGavin Modiewark products will save lives in any environmental disaster or accident.

G.L McGavin have been manufacturing High & Low voltage testers since 1975. The new G.L McGavin Digital hand held Proximity Tester FR30 is designed for Electricians, Technicians and the Fire & Rescue departments. For electricians it can be used for picking up live wires behind walls, identifying live cables and tracing live cable runs. For the Fire & Rescue it is used for the safety of the rescue personnel in situations where live voltage can be present impeding rescue operations. Because it is a Digital device it can be programmed to suit any application. The Country Fire Authority has had many emergency situations were potential life threatening electricity is present.
The CFA required a tester that would indicate DC and AC power, and could to be used by unqualified electrical personnel, where non-touch was essential.
The Modiewarks can be used on solar ,electric, hybrid vehicles ,trains ,trams, anywhere DC power is present over 50 volts and also on AC Voltages above 20vac .
The FR50 and FR30 Rescue Kit comes in a metal hard case with extension sticks and have an easy to use High and Low setting ,the tester also has Hi-Visual Decals to been seen in the dark.
The testers are directional simply point the testers at the unknown power source and try either tester, if no power is detected it is safe to continue.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        AC VOLTAGE DETECTOR


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