Phase Out Detector

The Modiewark Phase OUT Detector is used specifically for the testing of metal clad switch gear applications up to 33kv.

The Modiewark Non–Contact Phase Out detector can be used on inside applications up to 33kV on metal clad switch gear. This unit detects the same phase angle and activates a green led located on the master unit if the test sources are the same.

Phase OUT Detectors are not available with the self testing feature and are used only for phase out testing.

Phase Out Detector
Phase Out Detector with Spout

The Modiewark Phase OUT  Detector is used specifically for the testing of metal clad switch gear applications up to 33kv. The Phase Detector can be configured with any voltage range required, starting with 240 volts and ending in 33kv. Spout tester lengths can be configured for any purpose that is required, more information on this can be obtained from our sales staff. For more information on spout Types click here. The Phase OUT Detector units can be constructed with or without Spouts, these spouts are all supplied with NATA certification for the first twelve months.

For our customers in the USA and Canada, please contact Salisbury by Honeywell for the American and Canadian voltage range.

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