Modiewark Specifications

Standard Modiewark

Voltage sending range 50V AC to 750kV AC
Light source Three High Intensity LEDs
Sound source Electromagnetic piezo
85 dB @ 5cm (1.9″)
Operating temperature -40 to 65c (-40 to 149F)
IP range IP 63
Weight 900g (without batteries)
Dimensions Length: 230mm
Width: 65.85mm (9″)
Cap diameter 90mm (3.5″)


Spout Tester

Voltage setting range 50V AC to 33kV
Dimensions Length: 240mm + spout length
Width: 65.85mm (9″)
Cap diameter: 90mm (3.5″)
Weight: 1.2kg (150mm spout)


Battery type 3 x C size Alkaline
Positive to handle thread
Battery life (standard C size Alkaline)
ON (no alarm) 140+ Hours
ON (Self test) 90 + Hours
ON (alarm on) 60+ Hours
OFF No current drawn, battery shelf life


For our customers in the USA and Canada, please contact Salisbury by Honeywell for the American and Canadian voltage range.