Modiewark Kits

The Modiewark bags and cases are a safe and practical method of storing and transporting your Modiewark, with various sizes to suit all combinations.

If you wish to modify one of these Modiewark kits please do, by choosing the closest combination and using the order or quote form on this page to add or decrease the options.

MODIEWARK  KIT (configuration 1 )

  • 1* PVC Modiewark bag

MODIEWARK  KIT (configuration 2 )

  • 1* Modielive (Modiewark tester)
  • 1* PVC Modiewark bag

MODIEWARK  KIT (configuration 3 )


  • 1* ABS foam filled case


MODIEWARK  KIT (configuration 4 )

  • 1* Modielive (Modiewark tester)
  • 1* ABS foam Filled case


For our customers in the USA and Canada, please contact Salisbury by Honeywell for the American and Canadian voltage range.