Mini SWER & Pole Tester Test Results

Voltage vs. Distance SWER and Pole Test Results

Voltage Detection Switch Low Voltage Detection Switch High
Switch Setting 20V 150V 550V 1000V Switch Setting 20V 150V 550V 1000V
Low 1 High 1 150mm 450mm 775mm
Low 2 0 High 2 150mm 550mm
Low 3 20mm High 3 550mm
Low 4 40mm High 4 600mm
Low 5 65mm High 5 600mm
Low 6 100mm 300mm High 6 200mm 625mm 900mm
Low 7 40mm 260mm High 7 710mm
Low 8 410mm High 8 750mm
Low 9 180mm 475mm High 9 5mm 770mm
Low 10 525mm High 10 10mm 775mm
Low 11 525mm High 11 10mm 825mm
Low 12 180mm 575mm 775mm High 12 10mm 310mm 750mm 1100mm

SWER and Pole test results refer to: Approach to Pole, with energised reference points.

These calibration figures can vary due to varying weather conditions, but it will be a safe guide on pole approach, that the further away the GLM Mini alerts the higher the leakage that is present.