Meter Reader Specifications

Voltage sensing range 240V AC TO 500kV AC
(Given correct settings)
Light source High Intensity LED
Sound source Electromagnetic piezo
85dB @ 10cm (3.937″)
Operating temperature -10 to 65C (14 to 149F)
IP rating IP 40
Weight (no batteries) 120g (4.2 oz)
Dimensions Length: 125.47mm (4.94″)
Width: 65.85mm (2.75″)
Height: 23.98mm (0.944″)
Battery 9 volt PP3 Alkaline
Rechargeable battery 9 volt PP3 NIMH 200mA (use only NIMH)
Battery life
(200mA NIMH battery)
ON (no alarm) 30+ Hours
ON (alarm on) 10+ Hours
Battery life
(500mA Alkaline)
ON (no alarm) 40+ Hours
ON (alarm on) 15+Hours