Meter Reader Rescue Applications

rescue_car_poleIn the event that the MR (meter reader) tester is required at an accident involving power lines it can be used safely given the correct settings.

  1. When arriving at the incident, turn on the GLM MINI to the high sensitivity setting.
  2. Press and hold the self test button and an audible repeating tone will be heard indicating a healthy unit.
  3. Place thumb and hand as indicated on unit with arm outstretched as the position of your hand and body determines the sensitivity of the unit. In this position maximum sensitivity is achieved.
  4. Wave the unit from side to side in the direction of the incidence.
  5. If the RED indicator and alarm sounds a voltage is detected. Note: As unit may detect power lines above in order to determine the location of the voltage source place the unit on the low setting and move to detect if power line is on the ground or above. By placing your hand in the middle of the unit not covering the front test area label, sensitivity is decreased providing an accurate location of voltage source.
  6. When voltage is detected from fallen power lines, contact supply authority immediately and erect a hazard area around scene to protect service officers and the general public .
  7. On notification from supply authority that power has been isolated retest the area again placing the unit on high with thumb on bottom of unit and follow the previous steps.

WARNING!! If power lines are broken the two halves of the line are still energized and a safe distance must still be maintained from both sections or electrocution could occur.

Always assume the conductor is alive until proven de-energised.

Do not touch wire or car as you could experience ground potential (shock).

It is recommended that the MR tester be used, If a Mini Rescue or Modiewark tester is not available as these units are more sensitive in all rescue applications.