The FR 50 Rescue DC Tester is for emergency service workers.Get within reaching distance of the power source, open the case, remove tester, attach the tester to an extension stick if required, ground the tester on the case to remove any static electricity, point the tester at the potential threat, if the device activates do not proceed. The tester can be used by untrained electrical personnel, where non-touch was vital. Staff can then be in house trained on a safe operating procedure of the tester. The DC Modiewark can be used on solar, electric hybrid vehicles, trains, trams, planes, under mining equipment. The Rescue tester comes in a hard case, orange handle, high and Low setting ,the tester also has Hi-Visual Decals for high visibility.



First Responder – Need help identifying a live or dead AC & DC voltage source?

The Modiewark FR50 DC Rescue Modiewark  comes with a  metal grounding case. Whenever an emergency involves DC electricity the FR50 dc  is available for identifying both AC and DC power.

Electrical supply companies within Australia and the United States have been using the original non-contact & contact voltage detector Modiewark for over 30 years in day to day operations, in overhead and underground live or dead determinations. Over that period of time accidents have been reduced as electrical supply staff find that double checking the power has been deactivated a quick and easy task.

The unique properties of the non-contact & contact voltage detector is that no contact needs to be made to the active source.

The following range of GL McGavin Modiewark products will save lives in any environmental disaster or accident.

G.L McGavin have been manufacturing High & Low voltage testers since 1975. The new G.L McGavin Digital hand held Proximity Tester FR30 is designed for Electricians, Technicians and the Fire & Rescue departments. For electricians it can be used for picking up live wires behind walls, identifying live cables and tracing live cable runs. For the Fire & Rescue it is used for the safety of the rescue personnel in situations where live voltage can be present impeding rescue operations. Because it is a Digital device it can be programmed to suit any application.




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