FR30 Specifications

G.L.McGavin have been manufacturing High & Low voltage testers since 1975. The new G.L.McGavin Digital hand held Proximity Tester FR30 Specification is designed for Electricians, Technicians and the Fire & Rescue departments.


FR30 Non Contact Voltage DetectorVoltage sensing range:           20 volts AC to 500 K volts AC
Light source:                            High intensity LED
Sound Source:                         Piezo 4000KHz 90 dB @ 10cm (3.937’)
Operating temperature:        -20 to 65˚C (14 to 149°F)
IP rating:                                  IP 66 (Testing not Completed)
Weight (no Batteries:)          140g (4.93 oz)


Battery:                                     4* AAA Alkaline / Lithium

Battery life:  (AAA Alkaline)

FR30 Back CoverBattery life:   (AAA Lithium)

Shock Proof:                         Rubber mount around case
Self test:                                  Independent Built in
Belt clip (option):               Attached to rear of case (Customer Request)
Range detection:                 LED Indication Weak Signal to Strong signal.
Voltage range:                     Two Settings Less sensitive and More sensitive.
Large buttons:                     15mmØ for Glove operations
Secure battery housing:   ( fours crews) Tool Access
Custom colours:                 On Customer Request
Custom decals:                   On Customer Request
These values are estimates within 90% for prototype specs.

 fR30 Tester Holding
FR30 Voltage Detector