FR30 Rescue Tester Part ID

FR30 Emergency Services Non-Contact voltage Detector The GLM Mini has been designed for emergency rescue, linesmen, tree surgeons, electricians and trained personnel for the determination of “Live and Dead” situations in many fields for safety purposes and life threatening situations.


FR30 Voltage Detector


The Battery is located on the rear of the tester and requires 4 *AAA 1.5 volt Alkaline or Lithium Batteries. The Battery compartment located on the back of the unit requires a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the battery cover.FR30 Voltage Detector
Ensure the battery is fitted the correct way placing the positive terminal as indicated on the inside base of battery compartment.Fr30 Battery Cover Rescue Voltage Tester

To place the battery lid back into place a Phillips head or star screwdriver is required. Insure the o-ring is fitted in the grove as shown above. Using Two Short Screws (M2*5mm) on the top two holes and two Long Screws (M2*8mm) on the Bottom two holes. Screw until firm do not over tighten.Battery Lid Screw


This switch allows changes to the sensitivity of the Rescue FR30.
When the GREEN Indicator is ON the unit is set to the highest sensitivity setting, It is expected to detect 7,000 volts to ground outdoors 15 meters away and detect 240 volts 2-3 meters away.
When the RED Indicator is ON the unit is set to the lowest sensitivity setting It is expected to detect 7,000 volts to ground 5 meters outside and detect 110 volts inside at 250 mm away from an active GPO. (These Setting can be changed on request)


When the unit is activated using the ON switch the unit will self test automatically ensuring the unit is in working order.

The Self Test button is located on the front face of the tester. This is a full function test of all components of the unit testing:
Audio indicator
Visual indicator
Transistor circuit verification
The self test button is recommended to be used at regular intervals during the working day. In the event the tester fails please refer to (Service and trouble shooting).

The Self Test feature is designed as an independent circuit, apart from the detection circuit. This Self Test circuit produces an AC signal that the detection circuit can pick up, as it would pick up an outside signal source. This allows confidence The Rescue FR30 is working correctly.

Fallen Tree with Wires
 Flood Damage
power line hazard