FR30 Operation

This unit can be operated with in the pocket, in a belt pouch, helmet mounting, operating insulation sticks with sunrise (universal fitting) and hand operation.


  1. Push the RED ON button once, a GREEN LED power light will immediately illuminate, Note: The Unit will self test on start up all LED’s will illuminate and the Buzzer will sound. Follow the instructions below for the  FR30 Operation.
  2. The unit will start in the highest sensitivity setting on start up, indicated by a GREEN LED.
  3. Check the low battery indicator is not RED and continue with the operation. If the RED LED illuminates, replace battery before use with 4 * AAA Alkaline or Lithium Batteries.
  4. Press the self test button to check the unit is operating correctly. A tone will be heard and LED’s will flash indicating a healthy circuit. Your personal electrical safety device is now ready to use.
  5. It is recommended that regular checks using the self test function, be used during the working period, to ensure optimal performance.
  6. The unit can be held in the hand, on a helmet, on your shoulder or in the nylon pocket pouch. By placing in the belt pouch, the detection distance is reduced and will only detect on the side of the body the detector is located.
  7. Always hold the Rescue FR30 with your thumb placed on the indicated position with your arm outstretched. This allows maximum detection distance. The closer the unit is to the trunk of the body the lower the detection distance.
    fR30 Tester Holding To detect a voltage source at close range two to three meters at voltages only over 7,000 volts to ground, place your hand around the middle of the tester not covering the end marked PICKUP ZONE and approach known voltage source with extreme care to determine live components.
  8. Always allow the pickup zone Label to be placed on the side of the body, that is most likely to be placed in harms way.
  9. When an electric field is detected by your tester, an array of RED LED’s located at the top of the unit, will light up from left to right, indicating the detection range from the AC voltage source.( One RED LED further away from voltage source, six RED LED’s closer to the voltage source). (These setting can be changed on request)
  10. If this occurs retrace your steps in a slow and calm manner until the alert is diminished. (You are now in a safe area again).
  11. To determine the exact location of the voltage source place the unit on the Less Sensitive setting and approach with care, you can now identify live components.
  12. When voltage has been officially disconnected by the supply authority, retest the area again by placing the unit on the more sensitive setting and holding with your thumb as indicated with your arm out stretched, approach the test area again.
  13. This unit can detect AC voltages from up to 20m away on high voltage supply lines. When approaching these lines personal protective insulation equipment gloves, shoes must be worn at all times.
  14. To Turn of the tester Push and hold the RED ON/OFF button for 2 Seconds.
Examples of URD test point housings
Examples of URD test point housings